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Network Security Magazine Network Security comprises a large set of public and private computer networks, that are used in everyday activities.
All the valuable information necessary for network activities need to be housed in an informational source center which in frames of NsaSoft Network is called Network Security magazine.
Network Security Magazine is NsaSoft Network Security, computer security and IT security solutions magazine, principal security resource for business, government and the security industry. A very detailed information including both the history and evolution of the terms Information Security, IT Security, Network Security, Internet Security, Computer Security, information assurance etc.are all comprised in here.
Method, device and system of obtaining the network information using the device as the service credential, which use the device without power supply and display, in which presetting the configuration files containing the information connected to the network, after connecting the device with the online data process device, establishing the information interacting channel between the data process device and the information server to obtain, download the related information. The device as the service credential can be used to store the information, or display, print and output the special network service information by the data process device, and the device can be used as the service object of the special information network and take the voucher function of service.

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