Press Release

Press Release

Nsasoft US LLC was founded on 12 September, 2011 by a group of skilled network and security experts under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Varuzhan Kankanyan, a network and system engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the security research and development, telecommunications systems and networking fields. The company is growing day by day involving highly qualified experts that enrich the company repository by generating modern ideas concerning modern technologies applying the best methods of their utilization and protection. The company, as well as the founders, are globally engaged not only in the engineering but also in the production and marketing of company products.

Nsasoft is a leading provider of Network Information and Security Utilities, such as Nsauditor Network Security Auditor, Product Key Explorer, ShareAlarmPro, NetShareWatcher, BlueAuditorNsasoft Hardware Software InventoryBackup Key Recovery and SpotAuditor that are used at thousands of companies and organizations.
For example, Nsauditor Network Security Auditor significantly reduces the total cost of network management in enterprise environments by enabling IT personnel to audit and monitor remote network computers for possible vulnerabilities. The software network auditor module checks network for all potential methods that a hacker might use to attack it, discovers network services and checks them for vulnerabilities.
The company is enhancing its resources day by day. Today Company products and custom solutions may be found in businesses all over the world, including a large number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as in thousands of smaller ventures.
Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is one of the most widely used Network Security Audit and Information Utilities.

Nsasoft is a leading provider of Network Information and Security Utilities. The company is proud that the software provided by the company helps customers in many countries around the world. Currently Nsasoft client base encompasses thousands of companies, government and educational organizations.
The company specializes in network diagnostic and monitoring applications for businesses and end users contributing to the process of secure realization of internet activities. Nsasoft works very efficiently and has lots of innovative ideas in line to be implemented, it approaches the process of releasing company solutions to the customers with great diligence and accuracy. The innovated products provided by the company will surely optimize the whole process of applying one’s knowledge to the process flawlessly and be of benefit to the user.
Obtaining the production, which offers multiple solutions to the network monitoring obstacles, will surely help you to track all the new changes in the up-to-date computerization sphere and technological procedures.

The company has a wide-ranging list of awards. It has also been awarded with lots of testimonials and words of gratitude from users, such as: “Thanks for developing such a cool and stable utility! It runs perfect on my XP Pro system that I use for various IT Admin tasks” or “I am using the Product Key Explorer and am impressed with its capabilities”, allowing us to assume that the company is strongly believed to be one of the most outstanding ones and other multiple cases of product appraisal: “Very broad collection of network audit tools. We think this is one of the best integrated network multi-tools we have looked at”; “I really enjoy the software, it is going to help us out in an audit we have coming up”; “Your software Product Key Explorer has been awarded by our editors Great job, we’re really impressed!; “Thank you for your software. Using it we were able to resolve our problems”. All these words of gratitude are speaking witnesses that the company provides flawless and stable programs managing to simplify and improve customers’ experience.

It’s credo is: “Customers’ satisfaction is the best award for company endeavours”.

To find out more about us and our product, please visit:
2215-B Renaissance Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Tel: +1 (818) 850-6642

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All the valuable information necessary for network activities need to be housed in an informational source center which in frames of NsaSoft Network is called Network Security magazine.
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